New Year's resolutions aren't just for humans.  Make a committment to a healthier 2016 for both you and your furry family members.  


Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year from our family to yours!

~Dr. Davis

The best New Year's Resolutions for you and your pet


1.)  Measure your pet's food:  Did you know that in a 14 year controlled study, dogs fed a lean, pre-measured diet lived nearly 2 years longer than their paired litter mates on free-fed diets?  "Eyeballing" the food quantity can get us into trouble so make sure to measure it out according to the recommended quantity. 


2.) Get out and try a new activity: Hiking, swimming, or even bringing holiday treats to a neighbor.  Include your dog in the activity so you both get some fresh air and ger your blood pumping.


3,) Don't forget to exercise the noggin too! Mental stimulation is very important in our pets, especially as they age.  Spend 15 minutes a day working on a new trick or playing with a complex toy to keep that brain young!


4.) Brush those teeth: good oral hygiene is so crucial to overall health.  While nothing replaces annual dental cleanings at the hospital, at-home dental care will help increase time between cleanings.  Tooth brushing (if tolerated), oral rinses, dental diets, and crunchy treats can all contribute to improved dental hygiene.


5.)  Consider pet insurance: Quality veterinary care is becoming more advanced and can put strain on your finances.  Pet insurance is becoming more and more affordable and is a great way to ensure peace of mind for whatever life brings.  Speaking from experience with my own dog, it is such a blessing, in an already stressful/emergency situation, to not have to make decisions based on finances.

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